Al Kooper & friends – Morning Glory

April 27, 2011 by Mario  
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Al Kooper Live in New York 1994

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20 Responses to “Al Kooper & friends – Morning Glory”
  1. lovethatswivo says:

    I was in high school and completely immersed in music when Child Is Father To The Man came out. My friends and I listened and memorized and agreed on how awesome the album was. However we also agreed that Steve Katz’ssoloing was awful in tone and playing. In the vid of Something Going On I see he has dispensed with the cheesy fuzztone but his playing is no more advanced than it was in 68. Never mind the singing.

  2. theotherrundgren says:

    please listen to my videos of original dark keyboard music

  3. rockinroller7 says:

    @11xzxzxz Totally my pleasure!

  4. 11xzxzxz says:

    @rockinroller7 Hey thanks man that’s the nicest yet most confusing thing I’ve ever heard. If only others had your very disturbed sort of thinking …. really thanks so much! My red neck friend says thanks too.

  5. rockinroller7 says:

    @11xzxzxz Mike, your unflinching attitude that allows you to be critical of even your favorite artists and bands is just one of the things I respect you for.
    Your play on words that has me befuddled at times is also a critical part of true honesty in a person. You are what you write.
    Your, “Redneck Friend.”

  6. 11xzxzxz says:

    @rockinroller7 Oh yeah, then you be damned, leave me alone, I cry to you and your fleeting house of cards. Actually I only know a couple songs by Tim and shouldn’t comment but that never stopped me before as I like to get nowhere fast. Just so glad David House of Clay Booming Voice Thomas wasn’t around to screw this song in the wrong measure that would be kind to be cruel and not bona fide to coincide means Peace to you.

  7. rockinroller7 says:

    @11xzxzxz yeah, I guess many people could take it either way, but I’m a die hard Buckley (Father and son) fan.

  8. 11xzxzxz says:

    Yeah Steve you lite your purest candle and burned Al Kooper out of his fleeting house. But you sound good .. everyone does this sound better than Tim Buckley.

  9. 11xzxzxz says:

    Great song. But Steve Katz and friends kicked Al Kooper out of the band for David no-talent big-voice David Calyton Thomas. The BS&Tears first record is a classic.

  10. cedarcop says:

    So great and timeless.

  11. boombabiesrrd says:

    Since trumpeter Jerry Weiss has been your friend since elementary, would you know, 1946don, if J. Weiss continued to be involved in the music biz since he left B,S&T back in ’68-’69? I know Randy Brecker formed Dreams then Brecker Brothers then a great ongoing solo career as an A-1 session musician & recording artist, but I’ve always wondered about Jerry Weiss.

  12. boombabiesrrd says:

    I agree with you, 1946don, that B,S&T’s 1st album, “Child Is Father to the Man” is a pioneering classic of blues music fused with jazzy horns, classical strings & catchy pop melodies. It was a ground-breaking album! Since the genius Al Kooper was eased out of his own band, that 1st album will forever be unique in pop music.

  13. BlueNote4003 says:

    Holy shit Al Kooper looks like Terence Mckenna

  14. rw1127 says:

    The whole fusion of rock and jazz with the horns was masterminded and originated by Al Kooper in the first BS&T album. He wrote all the horn parts and then left the group after that album. Although I love CTA – it will alwayss be that Child is father to the man album that means the most to me.

  15. 1946don says:

    Thanks – I do stand corrected … when CTA (and how many of us still have that first double-album simply called CTA?) first appeared, the horn’s, etc were not as pronounced as in Chicago 2 and subsequent albums. But I still favor the first BS&T album and style. But thanks for the info.

  16. boombabiesrrd says:

    So, strictly speaking, B,S&T (w/ DCT) pioneered that more commercial horn-oriented sound & Chicago was certainly influenced by the success of the 2nd B,S&T album. After all, Jim Guercio is credited as the album’s producer (altho Bobby Colomby later claimed Guercio wasn’t present in the studio that much during the recording sessions) & that same year (1969), Guercio produced CTA. Which seems to validate what Colomby claimed since Guercio was too busy w/ CTA.

  17. boombabiesrrd says:

    I can understand how many of us can get the impression that B,S & T was sounding like Chicago when DCT joined the band w/ the 2nd album. After all, that eponymous 2nd album came out in the same year as CTA (1969). However, the B,S&T LP came out months ahead of CTA & became a huge million-seller while CTA didn’t sell well until after the “Make Me Smile” & “25 or to 4″ singles from Chicago II the next year, 1970.

  18. 1946don says:

    @rrdjazzcat – Randy, Al Kooper and Jerry Weiss (a friend all the way back to elementary school) all left the group before the second album. The group became (in my opinion) just a ‘Chicago’ clone, with DCT. Listen also to Steve Katz with the original Blues Project.

  19. pubmasterj says:

    Another fine tune from the band.

  20. Raymantico says:

    Uncle Dave who insisted on singing at the wedding…

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